Resolution: a course of action determined or decided on.

Several months ago I concluded that I had not seen enough local theatre. It seemed hypocritical and embarrassing as the Literary Manager for a theatre company to hole myself up reading script submissions and devoting my time to the various Raconteur productions when I knew nothing of the caliber of our neighbors. I resolved to myself (an informal resolution if you will) to see more local theatre. No excuses.

I am proud to say over the months that followed I managed to get to to shows produced by Actors Theater, Drawing Room Theater, Columbus Civic Theater, Rosebriar Shakespeare, Available Light Theatre and Madlab Theatre. Clearly this is proof that a little effort makes all the difference.

With this in mind I am resolving to get down to blogging. We used to have a blog. You might remember it, we posted, oh every 2-7 weeks. Not the sort of thing one takes any pride in. So here I am admitting our failures in entering the blogosphere... and starting fresh. Expect regularity, expect personality, and expect determination. If I start slipping I look to you to call me on it!

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  1. Shocking. You have not visited Bread & Circus yet? The next play is ZACK, opens mid May, and two comps will be waiting for you at the ticket table.

    j bunny